The van Laack Shirt

For more than 130 years we have been visionary celebrating and defining the men's fashion with our iconic van Laack shirts. Till this day, we pay particular attention to precise tailoring, highest quality demands and excellent sense of style. The outcome? Luxurious and incredibly comfortable shirts – that prove popular from the fashion connoisseur to the modern gentleman. For this perfect cuts, exquisite fabrics, and refined details are equally indispensable. Delicate fabric types such as elastic poplin, finely woven natté or twill give our van Laack shirts a superior wearing feel. Concerning the colour and the pattern, van Laack's shirts always stand for originality. Let us surprise you with our design variety – ranging from classic nuances such as black, white and light blue up to artfully prints. Business shirts, dress shirts or casual shirts? With van Laack, you will surely discover your perfect styling matches – whether for formal occasions or your carefree days off. Thanks to the van Laack clothing lines “Masterpiece”, “Royal” and “Blue Label” – you will find a suitable shirt for every style in our online shop. Just pick your favourite model – for example “Rivara” and the matching cut (slim-fit, tailor-fit or comfort-fit). And now you can get an exclusive insight behind the scenes of van Laack and find out more about the recipe for success of our innovative men’s shirts ...


4 cutting pieces form the basis of our perfected two-piece collar – which is made up of an inner and outer stand as well as an upper and lower collar. In-house developed and cut according to the individual size – the collar curve provides an impeccable fit. One thing is sure: whether Kent or Shark collar – with every detail van Laack's shirts embody first class tailoring expertise.


The characteristic feature of our collar constructions is their particular design for varying neck heights and circumferences. Thanks to the fact, that the grading of the collar stand and the upper collar seam proceeds as a continuous curve – every shirt size guarantees an individual and exceptional fit as well as a cosy wearing feel.

Only the high-quality cotton insert makes van Laack shirts complete. Why? The insert, which has been manufactured by a particular process, ensures an outstanding fit, a maximum of softness and increased comfort. Clever: It’s also boil-proof and therefore very easy to clean. In proper of style and shaping, flexible and special plastic stiffeners top off the van Laack shirts. Smart: you can quickly remove these collar-stays before washing and ironing. Furthermore, they do not bend out of shape while wearing or during storage. For a perfect fit – the stiffeners are individually customised to every of our shirt models.


Classic cuffs or double cuffs? No matter, as long it’s the refined manufactured and patented van Laack interpretation in a slightly curved form. For a sophisticated look, the cuffs have an in-house insert. Due to the smooth fashioning, all cutting pieces fit harmoniously into the overall picture. And the best? Our cuffs are individually tailored to the size of every shirt – through this fact we achieve the best possible fit at the wrist height.


THE BUTTON-DOWN FRONT: 8 buttons accentuate our van Laack shirts at the centre front. Depending on the dress code you can choose between classic, attached or concealed button plackets.

3-HOLE BUTTONS:Enormous strength, effortless opening and closing – these characteristics are what the typical label buttons made of trochacea or real "Macassar" mother-of-pearl with three-hole stitching stand for. The next step ensures added support and is about wrapping and sewing on the button with a stick.


The quality check of a government-sponsored test magazine with 28 shirts shows: van Laack shirts are predestined for their durability as contrasted with shirts of other fashion brands. After 40 - 50 washes, van Laack shirts did not reveal any damage – therefore our test could be successfully finished after 50 "positive" washing phases. Already after 30 washes the shirts of some competitors showed pierced through collar points and received “imperfect” as the worst assessment. The success here is not just due to our premium manufacturing process, but mainly resulting from the fashioning of the finest, resistant textiles. To more than 95 % we receive our fabrics from the world's best weavers in Italy and Switzerland. Because of our high-quality standards, we do not buy goods for our van Laack shirts from Turkey (the largest exporter of mid-range cotton in the EU) or Asia. Conclusion: If you choose one of the van Laack's shirts – you can be sure that you will acquire an exclusive all-rounder for now and the next seasons.

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All our creations mainly made of natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk, wool or cashmere. To enable even better comfort, we have chosen a touch of stretch or other synthetic fibre parts for specific van Laack shirts. Because in the case of slim cut shirts for office days or leisure activities, outstanding freedom of movement due to elasticity is of great importance. For most of our van Laack shirts, an excellent and long staple cotton is the basis. This rare and expensive cotton ensures to spin filigree filaments. To create a high-quality fabric, they process again into even thinner twisted yarns. Either this "Sea Island" cotton comes from the USA, Peru or Egypt. In combination with a brilliant finish, the textile gets a distinctive, silky appearance.


Minimal care effort and maximum effect: all shirts from the “Perfect Look” line by van Laack will be as good-looking at the end of a long day as in the morning. How? The 24/7 essentials made of fine Swiss full-twisted yarns prove to be easy to iron and smoothens by itself. They are brilliant while travelling and ideal for business men with a tight time management. Make sure you snap up one of these smart shirts from our van Laack online shop.