The van Laack Meisterwerk

About the luxurious shirt

The greatest luxury of a shirt is its unique comfort experience. A perfect blend of selected exquisite fabrics combined with a modern cut, accomplished by masterly craftsmanship - redefining the meaning of a luxurious shirt. van Laack’s driving force to continue creating new masterpieces lies in its traditional history. Since 1881 van Laack has been perfecting the art of tailoring. Coincidently, after digging deep into our archives, some exquisite and special pieces from our early days of tailoring came to the light of day. These shirts can be distinguished by a multitude of sophisticated refinements and excellent craftsmanship. We invested high expenditure in time manufacturing our shirts which not only payed off with outstandingly elegant appearance when worn, but also assure high comfort and a pleasant wearing experience.


Meisterwerk - in detail

The core of the MEISTERWERK pattern construction is the hand-made ‘round’ sleeve insertion that guarantees a perfect fit while offering the highest possible comfort. The exceptionally fine hems, as well as the lap-felled seams and the keyhole buttonholes are sewn by hand. Additionally, the hand-stitched armhole and shoulder seams show loving attention to detail. The distinctive van Laack three-hole-button made of mother-of-pearl is a firm, easy to care material, emphasizing our newly designed cuffs and button boarder. A characterizing detail of Meisterwerk is the hand-sewn gusset. All of these refined details contribute to an exclusive wearing experience and complete the distinctive image and character of a Meisterwerk shirt.

Meistwerk - the fabrics

In collaboration with Swiss and Italian weavers, we developed a unique fabric of the finest 120 two-ply yarns insuring natural, easy-care properties that meet the highest standards creating a unique feeling of a true luxury shirt.


Ultimate sophistication in material, craftsmanship & design.