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The van Laack Blouse

New Classics

All van Laack creations reflect the highest quality standards and an excellent sense of style. Round about 80 work steps and a special love for sartorial craftsmanship are needed to achieve the desired fashion result. With couture-like blouses, van Laack makes luxury wearable for day and evening. Our tops are made of exquisite fabrics such as pure cotton, flowing silk, washed linen or finest knitwear. They will seduce you with an incredibly comfortable wearing experience. The feminine and figure-flattering silhouettes – which appear as shirt-blouses, tops, long-blouses or silk blouses – guarantee an impeccable fit. Patterned or solid-coloured? First of all our designs are in touch with the latest trends. van Laack surprises every season with its exclusive blouses – which enchant their wearers from timeless chic to sporty-casual and romantic.

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New Classics - van Laack Blouses

New Classics - van Laack Blouses
New Classics - van Laack Blouses

(left and right) van Laack Collar and Blouse

4 cutting pieces form the basis of our perfected two-piece collar – which is made up of an inner and an outer stand as well as an upper and a lower collar. For a precisely fitting curve, a mirrored graph characterises the collar and the collar stand. Our van Laack blouses provide a multifaceted range of collar shapes. A cup collar, a shirt collar or rather a self-tie bow? The decision is entirely up to you ...


In the minutest detail – the buttonholes of a van Laack blouse symbolise perfection. They are sewn on with extra-fine yarns and about 160 stitches. Depending on the size of the buttonhole, we adjust this quantity accordingly.

The Cuffs

The Cuffs

1-button cuffs or 2-button cuffs? No matter, as long it’s the refined manufactured and patented van Laack interpretation in a slightly curved form. Due to the smooth fashioning, all cutting pieces fit harmoniously into the precise silhouettes of our blouses. For a touch of extravagance, we like to work with double cuffs or other modern style features, depending on long sleeves and short sleeves.

Natural easy Care

Natural easy Care

Through an intensive research, with “NATURAL EASYCARE” we have succeeded in creating a new kind of textile refinement, which makes van Laack blouses easy to iron. This textile finishing enables the genuine experience of pure cotton as the natural product – free from chemical substances out of the refining process.


To ensure that you will have a long-lasting pleasure with your van Laack blouse when you receive it, we developed an exclusive solution for storage and packaging: our internationally patented folding technique. Significant components of a soft and perfect presentation are, to fold the blouses by hand, to use tissue paper and a collar ring. With this particular van Laack makeup we finalise all blouses – so that your new styling highlight will find its way to your home looking impeccable.

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