From 1881 until now

When Heinrich van Laack founded his company in 1881 in Berlin, he had a clear goal in mind: he wanted to manufacture the best shirt in the world.His vision still stands today, as van Laack sets high quality standards based on many years of experience in the manufacturing of high- quality shirts and blouses, a method which has made the company become known as a synonym for craftsmanship, precision work, and love for detail. The products of van Laack excel by high-quality materials, the best workmanship and a distinctive and individual style.The best weavers in the world are producing selected fabrics for van Laack, made from the highest-quality yarns. The characteristic van Laack button with three holes is manufactured using the Trochacea deep-sea snail and is sewn on with a button shank, which provides the button with extra durability. If you value your own style, you can express your individuality by wearing a tailor-made shirt. For over 140 years, these qualities have made van Laack an unmistakable address for people with a good taste and are furthermore the reason for the company’s being valued worldwide by connoisseurs and an exclusive clientele.

Founders among themselves

Heinrich van Laack meets Christian von Daniels

1881 - when Heinrich van Laack starts van Laack together with two partners in 1881 he has a quite simple vision: to manufacture the most luxurious shirt. A luxury manifesting itself above all in the details and visibly expressing the personality of the wearer to others. 1920 - In the “Golden Twenties” elegant and luxurious men’s shirts become the “must-have” of the cultivated gentleman. This development especially profits the van Laack garment factory in Berlin. At the same time van Laack develops into one of the first branded items in the clothing trade. Together with the slogan “van Laack – the royal shirt” the van Laack specific logo is also created.

from 1930 till 2005

1930 - In the thirties the three-hole-button invented earlier by Heinrich van Laack is improved with regard to the material used. At this time van Laack also creates a number of typical product features the success of the brand has been based upon until this day.

1953 – After World War II Heinrich Hoffmann acquires the brand van Laack and moves the production center from Berlin to Mönchengladbach. So the traditional brand succeeds in making a promising new start in the years of the economic miracle. It is also Heinrich Hoffmann, who as the driving force gives the significant impulses to the business and continuously develops the van Laack brand further.

1970 – Rolf Hoffmann takes over management from his father Heinrich and successfully sets the course for expanding internationally. In 1972 the first van Laack product line for women is presented. The high level of workmanship in the production and the distinct love for detail are the guarantees for the proven quality standard. So the van Laack tradition is seamlessly continued. From 1983 on the brand van Laack is enriched by crucial components and made ready for the future by offering neckties as well as home- and nightwear for men.

2002 – In 2002 the garment entrepreneur Christian von Daniels buys the company. As a passionate shirt manufacturer he sets the personal goal to continue raising the bar of exclusiveness for the van Laack brand. Introducing the van Laack Partner Concept Christian van Daniels write a new chapter for the success story of the brand. To him the dramatization of the product plays the pivotal role in the new van Laack world. Each item has its own stage

2005 – What began successfully in van Laacks own flagship stores is now presented in over 50 countries. Within three years 80 new partner stores and partner corners are opened. After the numerous openings in Europe van Laack products are now available on all five continents.

from 2006 till 2012

2006 – Happy birthday van Laack! In the year of its 125th anniversary van Laack is looking back at an eventful and successful history. The consistent orientation towards the future starts a new chapter with the move into the new van Laack headquarters in Mönchengladbach. This is another signal that after 125 years of making history van Laack has arrived in the future.

2007 – With the opening of the production and logistics center in Hanoi van Laack establishes the groundwork to develop the Asian and Oceanic markets.

2008 – With its flagship and partner concept van Laack is well prepared for the global future. Apart from the European and the Asian market it is above all the United States van Laack is expanding into. The first van Laack store in New York opens on Madison Avenue.

2009 – The Australian iconic brand Herringbone is taken over by van Laack. Founded in 1997 exclusively dedicated to tailoring shirts Herringbone soon became synonymous for quality and love of detail. Today Herringbone is offering a wide and extensive collection that includes shirts, blouses, suits and accessories for men and women. The philosophy of Herringbone is a perfect fit for van Laack.

2012 – Rhodes & Beckett, a company with a long tradition, is taken over by van Laack. The men’s fashion brand Rhodes & Beckett was founded in the beginning of the last century in Australia and is, just like van Laack, an icon that stands for best quality fabrics and excellence in tailoring. Shirts, ties and suits represent an unmistakable design that is exclusively tailored and embodies its very own style.

from 2013 till 2017

2013 – With “Air Cotton” van Laack has, thanks to thorough research and development, succeeded in creating an innovative cotton fabric that is up to 30 percent lighter than all conventional delicate cotton fabrics. This provides a unique airiness, that will give you a completely new experience in comfortability. Another novelty is “natural easy care” by van Laack. Through innovative technology van Laack develops refined fabrics with optimum comfortability while minimizing the ironing efforts.

2014 – Three steps to get your personal shirt – van Laack has defined a new path towards the individualized shirt. With “Made For Me” van Laack has succeeded in fulfilling your wish for your own personal shirt in only three easy steps. You can choose from 100 different fabrics, various styles and many individual feature

2015 – Exceptionally relaxed and smooth. At the end of a long day your appearance will be just as perfect as it was in the morning, if you are wearing the van Laack shirts and blouses equipped with “Perfect Look”. The fine Swiss two-ply yarns are auto-smoothing themselves during a fast-paced day. The most beautiful side-effect is the real gain of time due to the minimal and easy care.

2016 – The van Laack Meisterwerk — The greatest luxury of a shirt is its unique comfort experience. A perfect blend of selected exquisite fabrics combined with a modern cut, accomplished by masterly craftsmanship - redefining the meaning of a luxurious shirt.

2017 – The new Meisterwerk-Blouse raises comfort, innovation and luxury to a new level. The unique comfort experience makes it a must-have for everyone that enjoys premium quality. Perfected, elegant couture wearable day to night.

from 2018 until now

2018 – Introduction of Meisterwerk Jersey — In cooperation with a leading swiss textile company, van Laack has developed a unique Jersey fabric. The new product line named Meisterwerk-Jersey has rapidly become a bestseller amongst our customers.

2020 – van Laack Medical – At the beginning of the pandemic, van Laack has proven a rapid adaptability to unforseen market changes, by changing the entire production capacity in order to produce masks and medical gowns. Selling over 130 million masks in 2020, van Laack has rapidly gained a market leading position.

2022 – van Laack Meisterwerk Knit  In spring 2022 van Laack has released another groundbreaking innovation, by introducing the knitted shirt. The knitted shirt, made from high-quality merino- or cotton yarns, is characterized by a elegant, but casual look, a high wearing comfort and easy care. The sustainable fully-fashioned knitting technology enables a completely waste-free cutting process.