Our masks

Medical face mask type I

Washable and reusable up to 5 times

Three layer reusable mask

Reduces disease transmission, 3 ply, nose clip, adjustable ear loop with stopper, bacterial filtration efficiency up to 99.0% and tested washable up to 5 washes.


1. inner layer - 65% polyester

2. middle layer - 100% polypropylene (Orginal Made in Germany)

3. outer layer - 65% polyester / 35% cotton


DIN EN: 14683:2019

One size fits all for adults

LOT: HD 00011556

Instruction manual

Wash hands
Touch tapes & place mask
Place tapes behind the ears

Nose, mouth and chin must be covered, press on nose clip
Do not touch the mask when wearing it
If soaked, replace
Wash hands
Grasp straps & remove mask
Wash at 60°C & dry gently

Our mouth and nose masks

Mouth-nose masks - comfortable to wear and in extraordinary designs: The exclusive, 3-layer fabric masks by van Laack are a real eye-catcher for your individual look - perfect for winter outfits and absolutely suitable for the office!

Since the spread of the COVID-19 virus, face masks have become a natural part of public life. With a chic mask in the current favorite color, the annoying duty quickly becomes a fashion highlight. In the assortment of van Laack is certainly also the ideal mask for your children!

At van Laack you can get reusable mouth-nose masks that meet the highest standards of comfort and design. In these extraordinary times, we use our professional know-how and decades of experience in making high-quality textiles to make wearing a fabric mask as comfortable as possible for you.

More masks

With the van Laack fabric masks you reduce the risk of infection for you and the people around you. At the same time you fulfill the requirements of the legislator to wear face masks in some areas of the public. At the same time, van Laack turns every fabric mask into a stylish accessory in the usual luxurious tailoring quality: thought out down to the smallest detail. All our mouth-nose masks are made from the elegant van Laack shirt fabrics, which have been tried and tested a thousand times over, with masterful craftsmanship. They are therefore wonderfully soft and comfortable to wear. Thanks to their excellent fit and elastic ear loops, they nestle comfortably against your face, fit perfectly and offer a clear view. The sophisticated design ensures a neat and coherent look. However, mouth-nose masks from van Laack not only look stylish - they are also functional: for example, the inner layer of the mask has an antibacterial effect thanks to its silver ions (the active ingredient is a reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride). Each mask is made of three layers. Unlike disposable masks, our fabric masks are reusable and washable. At van Laack you have the choice between different mouth-nose masks, each available in a pack of 5.

Community masks: Our exclusive premium community masks have an outer layer made of the finest cotton - the van Laack shirting fabric. The middle layer is made of a poly fiber. The inner fabric layer is soft cotton jersey, which is particularly comfortable to wear. The stylish mouth-nose masks are the perfect styling match to the noble business and casual shirts from van Laack.

Basic Mouth Nose Masks: Our Basic Mouth Nose Masks are ideal as everyday masks for summer. Their outer and inner fabric layers are made of a cotton/polyester blend. The same qualities we use for our community masks are used as the middle layer.


You should wash your new van Laack fabric masks before wearing them for the first time. To prevent germs from accumulating, your mouth-nose masks need careful care. This is how you ensure optimal hygiene. Fortunately, van Laack fabric masks are very easy to care for. To reliably eliminate all germs during washing, clean your mouth-nose masks at 60° in the washing machine. Wash your reusable mouth-nose masks daily if possible. The masks dry optimally in the air, but can also be dried in the dryer. Do not wear your masks until they are completely dry. If your mask becomes damp while wearing it, put on a fresh mask. To always have a selection of clean masks available, own several cloth masks if possible and always carry a spare mask.

To the masks


The van Laack cloth masks are mouth-nose masks for private use. They are designed to reduce the risk of infection to other people. Because even if you feel healthy, you can be a carrier of the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus. According to current scientific knowledge, people can be contagious one to two days before the first symptoms appear.

An infection can also be completely asymptomatic. Many of those affected do not even notice that they have contracted the coronavirus. For this reason, the legislature has enacted various requirements for the wearing of so-called mouth-nose coverings (MNB for short) in some public areas. The individual regulations may vary depending on the federal state.

Wearing masks - in addition to other measures - makes an important contribution to containing the spread of the coronavirus. This is achieved primarily through the following effects: Wearing the mouth-nose masks makes you aware of the safety measures of social distancing. This means you are less likely to fall into old routines and forget the distance rules, for example.

The fabric masks cover the mouth and nose and act like a physical barrier. They can thus reduce the spread of larger droplets - for example when breathing, speaking, coughing or sneezing. Hygiene rules against corona include avoiding touching the face with fingers as much as possible. A cloth mask can help, as it covers a large part of the face.

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Do not forget!

Wear your mouth-to-nose masks wherever the mask requirement dictates, as well as in situations where you cannot always keep your distance. Remember, though: the mask cannot replace keeping your distance. So make sure to keep at least one and a half meters between you and your fellow human beings despite the mouth and nose masks. Coughing and sneezing into the crook of your elbow and conscientious hand hygiene should also continue to be implemented, of course.