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The heart of every shirt is the perfect fit. At van Laack we distinguish between the following three fittings: Comfort Fit, Tailor Fit and Slim Fit – perfectly tailored for each body shape from comfortable to slender to athletic. At the same time van Laack generally offers varying sleeve lengths. Our classic slim fit and comfort fit shirts are available with a sleeve length of 65 cm [25.6 inches] (if a sleeve length of 68 cm [27 inches] is requested please contact us). Classic tailor fit shirts are available with both sleeve lengths.

How do I measure myself correctly? Here is a small guide that will help.


Collar size

Put the measuring tape around the widest part of your neck and include your index finger when you take the reading of the measurement.


Chest measurement

Measure your chest from the front standing up and read the measurement at the strongest section of your torso.


Waist size

Measure your waist standing up from the front and not too tight around the belt line. Exception: a wider belly should be measured sitting down.


Sleeve length

Measure standing up and take the length of the bent arm from the shoulder bone down to where the cuffs is supposed to end. Please place the measuring tape along the back of the arm (elbow-point).

van Laack shirts with this body are characterized by the completely straight cut that offers the highest level of comfort.

van Laack shirts in this style are slightly taken in at the waist and feature two darts in the back.

van Laack shirts in this style are slightly taken in at the waist and feature two darts in the back.

Detailed view of the back darts

Slim Fit and Tailor Fit

The Slim Fit back darts

The Tailor Fit back darts

The Collar


fashionable Kent collar


fashionably short Kent collar


classic spread collar


fashionably short button down collar


Italian spread collar

The Cuffs

The van Laack cuffs are also made with the particular van Laack inlay and guarantee an elegant fit. They are individually tailored to the size of the shirt to ensure the optimum position at the wrist. One has a choice between two cuff designs – the barrel cuff und the classic French cuff.


The sleeves of the van Laack shirts have a traditional buttoned sleeve vents. This prevents the unaesthetic popping open of the sleeve slit. The sleeves are cut from one single panel to ensure a first class fit.

The French cuff

The classic French cuff is the most elegant and formal cuff form. It is fastened with a cuff link.

Barrel cuffs

The barrel cuffs feature two side-by-side buttons and are tailored with a unique curved design. Both buttons provide additional comfort and a perfect fit around the wrist.

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