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1 Rights of the van Laack GmbH, Copyright

Copyright van Laack GmbH 2004. All rights reserved. All elements on this website, including (but not exclusively) images and copies as well as the website design are the intellectual property of the van Laack GmbH, Hennes-Weisweiler-Allee 25, 41179 Mönchengladbach, Germany. Even if it is not explicitly noted, you should act on the assumption that everything you see and read on this website is under copyright law. The circulation or altering on the contents on these webpages incl. the so-called framing and similar actions prohibited. In addition to that these contents may not be copied, circulated, altered or given to third parties for commercial usage or reasons. Creating links on other webpages that connect to the website of the van Laack GmbH may only be set after the explicit approval by the van Laack GmbH. The usage of text or data content from this website is permitted, if the sole purpose is informative, non-commercial and for personal usage only and the documents in question are not uploaded or copied to network computers or websites that are run by third parties. Also, all documents have to remain unaltered, Mention the copyright and the fact that all copies have to carry a reminder of these terms & conditions. Any usage that does not comply with these terms is prohibited. The unauthorized usage of the contents of this website is likely to infringe upon copyright, brand, competition laws or other legal rules and regulations and are punishable by law. If you are in violation of these terms your right to use this website is immediately revoked. In that case you must destroy all downloaded resp. printed contents immediately.


2 Trade mark law and commercial designations

If not otherwise stated the van Laack GmbH is the sole owner of all brands and trademarks mentioned on this website. Third parties may not under any circumstance use and/or apply any brands, trademarks, logos and commercial designations that are owned by van Laack.


3 Liability

The information that the van Laack GmbH is providing you with was collected and assembled with the utmost care and is constantly updated. In spite of the best possible control complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed. For this reason the van Laack GmbH excludes any liability concerning the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information displayed on this website. The usage of the contents provided on this website happens at the own risk of the user. The van Laack GmbH reserves the right to change or improve this website as well as the items, products and services at any time. The download of images and text happens at own risk. The van Laack GmbH is not liable for any damages that follow the download. In spite of timely virus scanning the liability for damages and interference through computer viruses is excluded within the realms of the law.


4 Links

Each connection or link to any other website and each reference to products or services of third parties is neither an explicit nor implicit approval of the respective contents by the van Laack GmbH; also the reference must not and shall not be interpreted as an indication of approval. Questions that come up in connection to the linking to other pages and their contents should be directed at the “Operator” of that website.


5 Cookies

Upon visiting the website of the van Laack GmbH it is possible that information in the form of a cookie is placed on your computer. This cookie will allow us to recognize your computer the next time you visit. Cookies enable us to modify a webpage according to your interests or to save your password, so you won’t have to enter it every time you drop by. If you do not want your computer to be recognized, please change the settings of your browser, so it deletes all cookies on your hard drive, blocks all cookies or gives you a warning before a cookie is saved.


6 Privacy

For van Laack it is implicitly clear that our company treats you and the information about you with the greatest respect and care. We keep all your data that is disclosed with the usage of the website confidential. For this reason we want to inform you that your personal data is stored in automated files and processed and used in full accordance to the national and European legal rules and regulations. In general the van Laack GmbH does not require a visitor to register with personal data to use the website. Visitor can log onto it without registering.


7 No license

In the absence of otherwise provided rules and regulations herein it is stated that through the contents of this website without any written approval from the van Laack GmbH or affected third parties, who own the respective brand, copyrights or any other proprietary rights, that are presented or used in connection to this website, neither explicitly, nor implicitly, nor by forfeiture, nor in any other way grants a license of any kind of brand-, copy- or proprietary rights, insofar as they are presented or used by the van Laack GmbH on this website. Each and every improper usage of the brand-, copy- or proprietary rights that are used and presented in connection to this website is strictly prohibited.


8 Consignments (inertia selling) and acquisition of rights by the van Laack GmbH

All annotations, suggestions, creative ideas, graphic designs, comments, messages, compilations, data, concepts and miscellaneous information (in the following summed up as “consignments”) that are delivered, shown, presented or offered to van Laack through this website of in connection to it are perceived to have been handed over on the basis of a non-confidential and un-copyrighted basis. Concerning the consignments all ownership and respective rights are passed on to van Laack, and in addition a cost free, in any case irrevocable license is granted in the cases where the ownership of the consignment cannot be assigned.


The van Laack GmbH is not required to check the consignments, treat them confidentially, to reimburse the sender or to respond to any consignments. You give the guarantee that none of your consignments violates the rights of any third party including brand, copyrights or any other proprietary rights, such as patents or company secrets or other individual rights and release the van Laack GmbH of any demands of third parties.


Otherwise provided legal exceptions will not lead to a modification of the above stated rules and regulations. The van Laack GmbH has the right to use consignments in any way the company sees fit.

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