Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 1881 it has been van Laack’s ambition to tailor the best shirt in the world. Being “The world’s leading shirt maker” this spirit extends from the highest quality without compromise and a sustainable manufacturing process to a CSR standard that stands out and is exemplary for the whole industry. As opposed to other corporations within the textile industry van Laack does not only comply with the highest European CSR standards, but goes beyond and puts a CSR strategy into practice that focuses on the wishes and needs of our employees in the various areas of operations and productions sites, so that CSR has become a natural part in our day-to-day business. For van Laack the safety of the employees always comes first. All production sites are run based on European safety standards.

Inspections on a regular basis ensure that these high safety standards are consistently met. On top of that there is a range of benefits, which are most likely unique within the textile industry. Among other things there are fully air-conditioned work environments, free lunch with a choice of two freshly cooked dishes, daily bus transfer to public transportation connections for all employees and a day care center on site, that is open to all employees.


van Laack also has its own, state approved training centers and facilities that offer excellent opportunities for personal development and further education.

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