The van Laack Shirt

For more than 130 years the van Laack shirt has set standards embodying outstandingly premium and impeccable workmanship. Following our tradition each of our shirts is made to perfection. In addition to that van Laack shirts distinguish themselves through innovative solutions and modern design. We only use the van Laack specific refined and luxurious fabrics.


Our range of products covers the classic business shirt as well as the smart casual shirt. Superb and sophisticated details make each shirt outstanding.


No matter if “comfort fit”, “tailor fit”, or “slim fit”, a van Laack shirt is a perfect composition, where exquisite fabrics and excellent workmanship meet comfort and fit to create a perfect experience.

Perfect Look by van Laack

Brilliant, relaxed and smooth: at the end of the day this shirt will make you look even better than any other one! Finest Swiss two-ply yarns combined with our new ANTI-STRESS-FINISH relieve you from the hustle and bustle of a long and strenuous day. After that, housewives and househusbands can enjoy a stress free and easy care experience of this product.

Natural Easy Care

Through extensive research and innovative technology van Laack has managed to develop "natural easy care", a line of exquisite fabrics combining ultimate wearing comfort with minimum ironing needs. Enjoy the luxury of the finest pure cotton yarn and experience a new ease of textile care. With "natural easy care" van Laack has developed fabrics that are free from chemical substances such as ammonia and artificial resin, and also make an important contribution to protecting our environment.

Air Cotton

Intensive research at van Laack has led to the creation of Air Cotton, an innovative cotton fabric manufactured from delicate yarns with very long cotton fibers. The fabric is up to 30 percent lighter than any traditional fine cotton fabric, creating an unrivalled ‘airy’ feel on the skin.

van Laack Handmade

Shirts from the van Laack Handmade-Edition are the impressive proof for masterful craftsmanship and excellence. Tailored from the most exclusive qualities of fabric for each size with individual cuts and designs that can have up to 31 components, it takes 300 minutes of meticulous sewing to produce one shirt from our Handmade-Edition. This is 6 times more than it takes to sew a regular shirt. Hand-stitched buttonholes, collars and lap-felled seams that are sewn by hand are proof for the highest quality, the perfect look and the best fit. Features and aspects that underline the perfect craftsmanship, the exclusivity and the love for detail that goes into each Handmade-Edition shirt from van Laack.

The Collar

The van Laack collar is a two-piece collar. We use a particular inlay and a special method to tailor it. Additionally, the specifically shaped collar curve that is cut to size guarantees a smooth and perfect fit around the neck. All collars have small pockets for the collar stays. They hold the soft collar in place and ensure the accurate fit. The stays are easily removed for washing and ironing. They consist of an elastic synthetic material and do not bend through wearing or storing the shirt.

The Cuffs

The van Laack cuffs are also made with the particular van Laack inlay and guarantee an elegant fit. They are individually tailored to the size of the shirt to ensure the optimum position at the wrist. One has a choice between two cuff designs – the barrel cuff und the classic French cuff.

The Three-Hole-Button

The high level quality is also shown through the usage of the van Laack typical threehole-button. The button is made from the shell of the Trochacea deep water snail or made of real “Macassar” mother-of-pearl. Due to the special three hole sewing it guarantees a high sturdiness. All buttons are sewn on with a stem and thus enable easier buttoning.

The Seams

All parts of a made-to-measure shirt are sewn together with a special tent stitch that features eight stitches per centimeter.

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